10 Secrets to Successful Recruiting & Hiring for Your Business

10 Secrets to Successful Recruiting and Hiring for Your Business

Recruiting and hiring top employees for your small business can be challenging — especially when you’re competing against large, thriving companies who can offer more financial incentives.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t attract the best and brightest! Your business may provide certain advantages that are exactly right for hard-working and ambitious candidates. To put your best foot forward with job seekers, consider these 10 essential elements when recruiting:

  1. Your website. Your website should describe what your company does, as well as reflect what you’re like as an employer. Be sure to feature a compelling careers page with an updated version of the job listing. It should be optimized for mobile, too, as 9 out of 10 job seekers use their mobile device when searching for new employment opportunities.
  2. Easy application.  The faster the job application process, the more likely you’ll receive resumes from qualified job seekers. This means you’ll need an online job application. But keep it short:  Studies show you’ll lose 50% of qualified job applicants if your application takes more than 10 minutes to complete.
  3. Online job sites. Today, posting your job on social media and recruitment sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed or GlassDoor may be more effective than advertising in a local paper or a classifieds section. In fact, at least 79 percent of job seekers (86 percent for those in the first 10 years of their careers) use social media in their job search. With one-click applications, prospects can upload resumes and cover letters in minutes on most job sites.
  4. Accurate job description. Make sure your job description gives details about the job duties, as well as the qualities you expect in a strong applicant. Consider covering these five things today’s job seekers expect in a job listing:
    • Details on compensation
    • Details on benefits packages
    • Basic company information
    • Company mission, vision and values
    • Details on what makes your company an attractive place to work
  5. Employee referrals. Besides advertising your job and sharing details on social media, another great way to obtain candidates is to ask current employees for referrals. Some companies offer bonuses (from $200 to $2,000) to employees who refer well-qualified candidates who are hired.
  6. Competitive salary. Don’t make the mistake of basing salaries for new employees on your budget rather than the going market rate. Research the salaries for similar positions in your area and offer compensation within that range. Extending a signing bonus (requiring employees stay at least three or six months) can also be an incentive.
  7. Benefits package. Many job-seekers expect a benefits package to include paid time off, as well as health, dental and life insurance. If you don’t have an employee benefits program, talk to your insurance company about setting one up, or check with a business organization like the Chamber of Commerce for assistance.
  8. Flexible work environment. Work-life balance is a hot topic today, especially among Millennials.  Providing a flexible working environment — which may include job share opportunities, extra vacation days, shorter workdays, paid parental leave, work from home options or even childcare — will help you meet a popular demand and give your company a hiring advantage. 
  9. Other perks. Creative perks, such as free coffee, Friday lunches, Tuesday bagels or even social hours, can make your recruitment efforts more enticing, especially if you can’t afford an expensive medical benefits package. See if any local businesses (gyms, movie theaters, lunch counters, dog sitters, or retail stores) will work with you to offer employee discounts, memberships or coupons.
  10. Opportunity for advancement. For career-minded employees, the opportunity for advancement, promotions, raises and increased responsibility is extremely important. Outline a path toward growth and development that includes increased accountability and pay.

Maximize Your Recruiting Efforts for Stronger Hiring

When recruiting new employees, always highlight the characteristics and values that make your business unique. And be sure to emphasize the vital role new hires play in your company’s success.

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