Get Ready for this Tax Season

Documents to Legally Establish Independent Contractor Status

We are getting ready for the season and are prepared to help you e-file, print and mail your 2021 tax information returns. We introduced our innovative new platform last year and this year we have fine-tuned it for superior performance and interface enhancements.

Among the changes you will see this tax season:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – We have added MFA to the platform to provide an added layer of security to your account. MFA is an electronic verification method where a user is granted access to an application via something they know (password) and something they have (unique login code). For details on MFA and how to set it up for efile4Biz, please see this detailed article.

Plus Subscription – We introduced the Plus Subscription option last year and this year we are allowing larger teams to benefit. Plus Subscription allows up to 20 team members to work in the same account, entering data, filing forms, and sharing billing. All Payer and Recipient records in the Plus Subscription account automatically receive TIN matching, helping to reduce filing errors and IRS/SSA penalties.

Enhanced Validation Rules – More validation rules have been incorporated into the process to notify you immediately when information is missing or entered incorrectly. You’ll be able to correct the error right away, minimizing having your forms rejected by the IRS and / or SSA.

Improved Communications with Recipients and Account Holders – many of our customers like to send the recipient forms electronically instead of relying on traditional snail mail. In keeping with IRS guidelines, we first send the recipient an email asking if they want to get their form electronically. We have streamlined the process for the recipients, making their viewing and retrieval process more efficient. We have also modified our communications process so that not only can a user log into their account to see the status of forms (accepted, rejected, mailed), but also receive emails from us at every process point.

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